Park Street Solutions represents Citygreen in the province of Ontario. Citygreen Soil Cell Systems offer cutting-edge technical design informed by years of research and development. As a result, they are the strongest soil cells available. Their structural soil cell modules are the most sustainable because they are made from 100% recycled polymers.

The Stratavault™ Soil Vault System is an extremely high strength module designed to support pavements and traffic loads. Stratavault provides large volumes of uncompacted soil so that tree root systems are healthy and water can be harvested.


Stratavault soil cell apertures are large enough to incorporate common conduits, service pipes and aeration systems within the structure.

Stratavault Soil Cell

Stratavault Soil Cell Detail


Stratavault soil cells utilize an evenly spaced columnar structure with load spreading foot plates. Because of its ultimate load capacity, the high strength Stratavault module supports pavements and traffic loads.


The assembled Stratavault matrix leaves >92% of its total volume to allow for root growth and storm water harvesting. Because of large spaces between soil cell columns, there are generous avenues so that feeder and structural roots can grow in all directions.

Stratavault Soil Cell Matrix

Stratavault is at least 3x faster than other soil cell systems. The ease of install and ability to adjust beats out other systems.

Commercial Landscape Project Manager