Paver-Grate™The Paver-Grate™ Pavement Suspension System from Ironsmith is flexible and effective. It can be utilized alone or in combination with traditional tree grates to increase the uncompacted root zone. Options include decorative trim rings and integrated cast tree grates.

Ironsmith can easily build custom assemblies to fit your design parameters. Contact Park Street to request full details on the extensive options for this system.

PAVER-GRATE™ Features & Benefits
  • Open tight pedestrian walk areas
  • Reduce weeds and trash accumulation
  • Cut down on tree area maintenance
  • Keep root balls from compaction
  • Allow for easy fertilization and irrigation
  • Almost invisible in place
  • Seamlessly incorporate any size tree pit, utility corridor, etc. into your design
  • Design over, not around, with your choice of paving materials
  • Easy center opening expansion
  • Keep roots from lifting Pavers

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