Park Street hosted a Colouring Competition during the holiday, offering a chance to win a Flatpack planter from Green Theory. The contest ran from December 2020 – January 2021. Participants were from the landscape architecture, architecture, municipal, and construction communities, for example. During a time when we’re confined to our homes, we want to provide our clients with some creative inspiration.

Using the media of their choice, participants coloured line art of the November Snow triptych by Sara Leblanc, pictured above.

Artwork submissions came in from all across Canada and the results are certainly impressive. All winners were selected by the artist herself, Sara Leblanc. Park Street is proud to present the top 10 artwork selections as shown below.

Grand Prize Winning Entries

3 Grand Prizes: a limited edition print of November Snow by Sara Leblanc, and a 12″ square Flatpack Planter

Grand Prize Winner 1

Grand Prize Winner 2

Other Winning Entries

Other winning entrants will receive a limited edition print of November Snow by Sara Leblanc.

Prize Winner 4

Prize Winner 5

Prize Winner 6

Prize Winner 7

Prize Winner 8

Prize Winner 9

Honourable Mention

In addition, this unique entry earned an honourable mention from the artist as a result of it’s creative approach.

Flatpack Planters

A planter box that ships flat and is crazy easy to assemble. Flatpack from Green Theory dramatically reduces shipping costs. They eliminate the need for craning rooftop garden elements during installation. Flatpack planters are available in a diverse range of sizes and shapes. Similarly, they can be finished in any colour you can dream of.

About the Artist

Sara Leblanc is located in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario. She loves to draw, and gather inspiration from the world around her. Her main mediums are pencil crayon, markers, and ink – although nothing is off limits. Spending time in Algonquin has provided a source for Sara’s creative interpretation of it’s beautiful forests, rivers and lakes.

Above all, thanks to everyone who participated!